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Campus Education Improvement Committee (CEIC)

Northside CEIC Agenda Minutes -9/19/19

-Introduce the purpose of Campus Education Improvement Committee(CEIC) meetings/Review Board policy
  • Mrs. Foster reviewed the purpose of the committee.  District requirement and an open and honest committee to help make the best decisions

-Future meeting dates: Mrs. Foster shared the dates with the committee
  • November 21, 2019
  • February 20, 2020
  • April 23, 2020
-STAAR update- Mrs. Foster reviewed the STAAR data presented below
-Huge growth in 3rd Reading 68% to 77%, 3rd Math 65% to 84%, 5th 
Maintained in Math but above district average, 5th Reading 83% to 85% 5th Science 71% to 82%
-C (78) Campus Rating: Mrs. Foster shares that with our teachers and students here at Northside we have the potential to meet the appropriate growth to move our Report Card letter grade up.
-3rd year of missing growth on our white students
Question was proposed- Why do we think this is a trend of an area of struggle?
  • 49.8 Eco Dis and majority are white population
  • Enrichment and extensions must be our focus to help push our students to the next level 
  • It was suggested that since we are a central location- in the rezoning process it affects 

-Discuss campus concerns provided to committee members
  1. A grade level continues to be concerned about a lack of consistency with RTI/tier paperwork. Progress Monitoring forms are simply not enough with some of these kids who very obviously need help, either through intense intervention or testing. We don’t feel that we should be getting so many kids who have been on tier three for a long time and nothing further has been done or receiving kids who have been on tier two for a long time and no improvement is being made.  We are rushing to get kids tested and proper accommodations in place before we have to take STAAR. We continue to feel that there is a lack of understanding either in the RTI process in general, or that forms aren’t being filled out in a way they will be effective for future teachers to ensure kiddos are getting everything possible to help them be successful.
    1. Campus / District concern - Over the course of this school year we have been given  the charge on our campus to find a grade level to be a committee that will help build the RtI process from the ground up.  This team will then be a part of training the rest of the staff on the proper process and structure of the RtI process and the use of Frontline.  We are working towards more consistency across the district. Dr. Holt has a passion and expertise to help drive this initiative. Mrs. Foster is currently determining which grade level will use Frontline the practice grade level.  The rest of the school will use Eduphoria to continue the RtI process for this school year. 
Further discussion was had on the purpose of RtI and the process is used to help implement interventions to try to help the student / not to push a child to testing. Mrs. Foster shared that the goal is to get the philosophy set by the district.  Discussion was had about using the Progress Monitoring form to show growth or intervention changes on the current 
  1. Our campus is in need of more SPED Resource/Inclusion positions. - District concern 
  1. I would like to see less worksheets given to students. - Campus concern 
    1. A teacher shared that having a device would help eliminate the # of worksheets - request for more devices
    2. Suggestion : Collect random worksheets and discuss in round table- options of how that information could be taught in a way that is not a worksheet
    3. Encourage more Scoot the Rooms/ dry erase/ informal assessment 
      1. Continued conversation and mindset change on how we could teach that concept beyond using the worksheets
  2. Homework concern - Campus concern
    1. Mrs. Foster shared the new campus policy for homework at Northside
      1. Max. Limit homework:  10 mins of reading per grade level/ 10-15 Math Spiral practice only- Campus wide expectations
  1. We would like to see if grand friend week could turn into grand friend evening.  We could possibly invite our grandfriends for an evening and treat them with something special.  The Grandfriend week is very chaotic, causes extra work, tears and distracts students. - Campus concern 
    1. It was voiced the teachers on the committee think it is very special to the students.  A grandparent shared that it is important to them. 
    2. We will revisit the structure of Grandfriends before next year:  the space, Book Fair the same week, other locations for seating, seating for Grandfriends could be in the gym or stage
  2. Outdoor Classroom needing some love - Campus Concern 
    1. We will be thinking and proposing ways to revamp and add love to this area.  
    2. Possibly a Northside U club or committee 
  3. More devices for instructional purposes that are digitally based academic activities. - District concern
    1. We are thankful for the extra 75 that were provided to our campus

-Review the current year Campus Improvement Plan
Mrs. Foster provided each committee member a copy of the Campus Improvement Plan (2019-2020).  She provided an overview of the Goals / strategies that are addressed in the CIP. 
  • We discussed our goal needs to be have students reaching the Meets level, not only Approaching 
  • Mrs. Foster explained that our campus will be working to create a TIP (Targeted Intervention Plan) for this school year we will use the CEIC committee to discuss this plan further in the next meeting
    • Three areas of main struggle on our campus:  Lesson Planning, alignment and ?
    • Mrs. Foster has asked for an Instructional Coach (one per campus) for our campus to help teachers grow 

-Upcoming Important Dates
-Parent Conference Week- Oct 7-11
-Homecoming week- Oct 14-18
-October 21- Campus Crisis Meeting
-GRIT Rally- Oct 23
-Family Night- Oct 24 6-7:15 (plans still underway for that)
-Northside U begins Nov 1
-New Business- none